Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been missing the physical touch from Luke. I just want to walk hand and hand with someone. I am always holding my daughters hand but it is so far from the same thing. Really really wish there was something i could do.

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  1. Pray, pray, pray.........that is the only answer I have.

    I remember crying out to God about how I missed Jim's hugs, those strong protective hugs, where all the day's troubles melt away and nothing it seems could hurt me..........I miss those hugs. Yet as I cried out to God about it, He spoke to my heart that the boys miss those hugs too. And that I was to hug them.

    It isn't the same, yet each night I give them 3 hugs: "One from Mommy, cuz' I love you, One from Daddy, cuz he loves you too, and One from Jesus cuz He loves you so, He died for you, don't you know?" The boys give me spontaneous hugs and I receive them telling myself they are from Jesus.

    All that being said, I heard this story once and the little boy tells his mom "I want love with skin on it." Yup, we understand that.