Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just recieved an e-mail the other day from a missionary in England. He told me that when he heard about Lukes accident that he began praying for someone to surrender to go to Penrith to start a work. (Penrith is where Luke and I were going to work) When I went over to England this summer the missionary asked me to present my testimony to a bunch of preachers and missionaries. I was pretty shocked because they already have there place of ministry. But the LORD KNOWS WHAT HIS WILL IS! So i shared my testimony and this man was in the congregation. I recieved an E-mail telling me that this man feels the Lord leading him to Penrith. He said he has known for a while it took my trip to England and hearing my testimony for God to finally wake him up and tell him it time. The church he has right now is being given to a national!! praise the Lord for that!!! Some other problems have arose causing him to resign his position Sunday!!! He will be making his move to Penrith by January. Praise the Lord. He used my testimony to his GLORY!!!!! I have asked the man if when they hold their first servise there if i could be a part or a special meeting there will be holding. I dont see why that would be a problem at all. : )

school days

Well Abigail and Andrew have been attending a school so mommy can have a little space and they can again begin to trust mommy. They have the mindset that if I leave them I wont be back. It has been a battle with them on getting them to trust me again. And school has been helping. I love Abigails school! Its a nice Christian school. I have explained to them what has happened and if there is ever a big problem they call me and I will judge if I go down there or not. Unfortantly Andrew can not go to Abigails school until hes two so he is just going to a small school around the corner from our house. He seems to like it very much. But I think he keeps looking for is sister. He has become very dependent on her. So it may be good that they are in seprate schools for now. I know it has helped me a lot. I am able to go to the gym, sit down and study my Bible, pray without the interuption of mommy i need this....wahhhhhhh!!! But looking forward to the time Andrew will be able to go to the same school as Abigail. It will be much better to have them both at the same place. : ) The Lord has really been helping me with the kids in a school, finacially and the kids enjoying being there.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I hold the key

Well we closed on our house today. I am super excited about it. It will be a big step for us but a much needed step. I did though be very picky about the master bathroom. I did not want a big master bath. I also did not want two sinks and u know what the master bathroom is about the same size as the kids bathroom. The house though is wonderful. I can see the kids and I having tons of fun there. A new place to make tons of happy memories.

Abigails Birthday Party

Well we had Abigails birthday party tonight but before i talk about that lets go back to last night. Abigail kept wanting to invite daddy to her party so i decided to get a ballon and write the invite on it and then abigail wrote some on it. We went out side. (Abigail call the moon daddy moon she says it him smiling at her and the stars are kisses he left for her) We found daddy moon and she told him "daddy come to party, love u miss u" Then she sent the ballon up. We watched it go higher and higher till we could no longer see it. This morning when we got up she was so excited she told me that daddy got the ballon. I smiled at her and told her allright that so exciting. I had prayed that the moon might be visable during her party. So when the party got ready to start something told me to turn around and there in the sky was daddy moon. I just started crying cause the moon was there and how happy it would make abigail. Thank you Lord for answering a 2 year olds birthday invite. How precious it was to see Abigails face light up when she saw him in the sky. She got so excited and Said "daddy moon came to party" She kept saying this. The great thing is daddy moon stayed out the entire party. Every once in a while we would see Abigail look up at him and smile. She also had her daddy bear out there and he sat next to her while she opened present and with her while she ate her cake and ice cream. She was so happy that daddy moon and daddy bear was here for her special day.