Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Visiting churches

Wow looking for just the right church can be a difficult process. There are so many diffrent churches in our area. And everyone of them is so eager to have us join. Which if a church was not eager I would be very concerned. I stoped by a church tonight and they were very sweet. Very helpful and understanding. There has been two other churches I visited and I knew people at both of them so that always helps your not walking in completly clueless. Its been a matter of Lord where do you want me and where would I fit in. Some of the churches say they would put me in the Young married class because thats where all the others my age are. But then I feel akward becasue Luke is not there with me. Another one all the young adults single, divorced, married are all in one class. (At least there I would not be the only one sitting without a mate. Then the other church I have visited all the adult young, old, married, divorced, widowed are all together. Just continueing to pray where the Lord would have us be.

Biscuts and Gravy

Wow last night I was really craving biscuts and gravy. It has been 1 1/2 years since I made them. Luke and I always had them on Saturday morning before church visitation. He enjoyed them so much. So I made the gravy the exact same way we always did. Bought the exact same biscuts. I loved the tatse of them so much. The kids also ate them all up even asked for more. We may just have to start ourselves a new tradition with buscuts and gravy who knows.