Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Visiting churches

Wow looking for just the right church can be a difficult process. There are so many diffrent churches in our area. And everyone of them is so eager to have us join. Which if a church was not eager I would be very concerned. I stoped by a church tonight and they were very sweet. Very helpful and understanding. There has been two other churches I visited and I knew people at both of them so that always helps your not walking in completly clueless. Its been a matter of Lord where do you want me and where would I fit in. Some of the churches say they would put me in the Young married class because thats where all the others my age are. But then I feel akward becasue Luke is not there with me. Another one all the young adults single, divorced, married are all in one class. (At least there I would not be the only one sitting without a mate. Then the other church I have visited all the adult young, old, married, divorced, widowed are all together. Just continueing to pray where the Lord would have us be.

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  1. I disliked the process too! I don't have as wide of selection around here. So I think it made it easier. Our church we have been at for the last 4yrs was just the healing balm we needed. We felt Christ so alive there. Everyone knew our story and understood. Didn't expect me to not smile or not cry. Just very accepting. When touched me the most was how the high school boys reached out to my sons immediately. Even when my youngest newborn....
    I continue to pray for you to have God's wisdom and peace on where your church home is to be . Praying that He is preparing friends and an awesome support system for you. HUGS,