Monday, November 1, 2010


Friday my friends 5 year old son died. I visited the church they attend on Sunday night and had a flashback of the sunday after Lukes accident. The testimonies, the memories, the songs, the message. Oh how it all reminded me so much of that Sunday. But you know what it has been a great help for me. I am getting to help Norma in a diffrent way than anyone else has been able to because I have experience death in our family. Even though lossing a spouse and lossing a child is completly opposite. I could not imagine lossing Abigail or Andrew, Norma said she could not imagine lossing her husband. But in our so diffent losses the Lord is giving us a special bond in Him.

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  1. None of us sign up to be a grief mentor or one who understands the hurt and can help another griever. Yet God knows us............praying for you as you help Norma and God as continues to help you.