Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow White

Well tonight was interesting. We watched a movie. Abigail picked Snow White. She did good through the whole movie up until. Snow White lay poisned in the coffin. She just cried and cried. Then when Snow White awoke she brightened up and said she alive she alive. Well then she was hopeful. (I believe she was thinking Snow White came back to life, maybe daddy will too.) I talked to her about how the movie is fake its not real. People cant come back to life when they die. She started to get sad again. But I'd rather her know now instead of hoping that daddy will come back to life becasue of some fariy tale she watched. It was just hard to see her sad little face.

1 comment:

  1. Very understandable! Thankfully we grieve, yet not without hope.
    Remember to remind her of Jesus and how when He comes back Daddy's casket will be empty too. Praying for you today!!!