Sunday, November 14, 2010

Attitude Girl

My little princess is turning into a little I dont know what to call her. She has really begun to be disobediant. She used to listen so well and I never had to get on to her much. But now it seems every time I turn around I have to get on to her again and again about the same thing. She doesnt seem like she is learning her lesson. No matter what I try she just keeps yelling and screaming and telling me NO!! This has been the time now where I wish I had my "back up" (Luke). I am trying to find the best way to help teach her but nothing I try seems to work she turns around 2 mins later and does the exact same thing.

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  1. I understand the needing of back up. It is okay to say, "Daddy wouldn't allow this behaviour and neither can I." It is okay to point to Luke's leadership and authority even in his absence. Right before he disciplined the boys, Jim would often tell the boys "I love you too much to allow you to ........(fill in whatever behaviour or attitude was unacceptable) I try to use his same words.

    Firm love is what is needed with our kids. They push against the fence so to speak to make sure it is safe. More than other kids, our little ones want to make sure things are sure. And to do that they get testy....very testy.

    Some of it can be just her age, some of it can be her personality, some of it could be grief issues. Just yesterday I had children full of rage and it all boiled down to someone moving the memorial cross at the accident scene. Drawing, talking, crying, holding, and just intense prayers from momma seemed to help.

    Keep taking your little ones to God and pleading with Him to show Himself strong as their Father.

    Hugs and PRayers,